Case study Loch Turret upgrade

Loch Turret upgrade

Fifteen years of operating experience with Veolia's Actiflo™ solution.

Client Need

Loch Turret Water Treatment Works is the highest water works in Scotland at 1,178 feet above sea level and located 2.2 miles north of Crieff, home to the Glenturret distillery &'The Famous Grouse Experience' which has its dedicated water supply from the plant

Our Solution

Among the largest drinking water plants in Scotland, Loch Turret Water Treatment Works was a direct filtration plant first put in operation in 1967 and designed to deliver water to a population of 70,000. The main purpose of Scottish Water's upgrade was to install a new Actiflo® clarification pre treatment process upstream of the existing rapid gravity filters to address the increasingly high peaks of raw water turbidity and colour in the loch. These raw water quality degradations adversely affected the operation of the rapid gravity filters and were unable to deliver the required throughput as they operated well below their design filter run time. In addition to the new pre-treatment, further work was carried out to provide a new energy recovery turbine, Multiflo® lamella sludge thickening, dewatering facility, and chlorine contact tank and filtration media.

The Result

  • High treatment efficiency: turbidity removal > 90%
  • Very small footprint compared to conventional clarifiers -suited to restricted spaces and easy retrofit of existing plants
  • Reduced civil engineering
  • Flexible: reacts quickly to changing raw water quality -provides consistently high quality effluent
  • Very short start-up time < 10 minutes
  • The sludge produced can be thickened and dewatered easily
  • Solution that can be entirely automated and remotely controlled
  • Minimum equipment to maintain, easy to access
  • 15 years of operating experience with more than 300 Actiflo™ references worldwide
  • Prefabricated package plants (1 000 to 10 000 m3/d per unit) which can be combined for larger flow rates