Veolia Water Technologies - Case Studies - Laboratory Water System for Medical Research, UK

Laboratory Water System for Medical Research, UK

Client Needs

The research facility occupies one floor of the hospital and uses Type I ultrapure water (18MΩ.cm resistivity, organics <10μg/l TOC and bacteria <1cfu/ml) for critical analytical work. The existing water system consisted of two ELGA PURELAB Prima 60 units which treated the mains water supply to Type III quality and delivered it to a 5,000 litre storage tank.

Our Solution

Veolia Water Technologies’s solution was to relocate a PURELAB Prima to each of the two washrooms along with a 75 litre storage tank. This feeds a new, short, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) ring main supplying Type III water to a glass washer, an autoclave and one of the Maxima polishers.

The Result

  • Ultrapure Type I water for research laboratory
  • Type III water for glass washing and autoclave feed