Importance of ultrapure Type 1+ water for the development of generic medicines

Client Needs

The customer is an international pharmaceutical company based in Europe. It is one of the largest generics companies in the world and an important subsidiary of a leading multinational healthcare company, developing high-quality and affordable pharmaceuticals.

Our Solution

The introduction of the fully validated PURELAB® Chorus 1 Analytical Research model fitted with a Halo Flexible dispenser allows the scientists to conveniently dispense water into any size container and receive real time feedback relating to inorganic water purity and TOC.

The Result

“PURELAB Chorus is suited to our work because its design focuses on delivering the optimal purity, defined as a requirement of our standard operating procedure, while providing an easy to use interface. We know that we will always be getting the purity of water that is essential to our applications”. Head of Analytical Development.