Hubgrade CHU Nîmes

Client Needs

The laboratory operates 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and on average the laboratory processes 1200 samples/day and produces 2.4 million procedures/year.

Our Solution

The offer proposed by Roche and Veolia meets this imperative of quality and traceability. It includes both the Roche (cobas®8000), Medica Pro product lines for water supply and finally the user interface with the Hubgrade portal to monitor water quality in real time.

The Result

“access to an interface that centralises water quality histories and allows us to view all these main parameters on a single page - temperature, conductivity, resistivity - provide a guarantee of traceability; as well as access to the calendar of events, allowing us to view the history of alarms. We become more efficient! We can immediately provide all the information requested during the COFRAC audits”