Cudworth STW

Client Needs

Cudworth STWs is located in Cudworth a semi rural village on the outskirts of Barnsley in South Yorkshire. The existing works has undergone significant improvements during the AMP 5 period enabling it to serve a 2025 Population equivalent of 10,693 and to treat the wastewater to a more stringent discharge quality.

Our Solution

Our design solution for Cudworth STW include construction of a VWT AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR process for residual BOD5 removal and nitrification. This is followed by a VWT Hydrotech Disc filter for tertiary solids removal. Effluent from the disc filter is discharged to the River Dearne via the existing outfall.

The Result

Secondary effluent from the existing humus tanks is pumped to the MBBR flow splitter box