Cost-effective sustainability for leading manufacturer

Cost-effective sustainability for leading manufacturer

Client Needs

USP compliant process water on the site is supplied by three water purification systems: two Veolia Orion® units and a new Veolia IonPROTM LX. All three plants use a combination of softening, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and continuous electro-deionisation to produce treated water of conductivity 0.2μS/cm and bacteria count 10cfu/ml. The wastewater from the three purification units amounts to some 70,000m3 per year which is discharged to sewer. The Client is committed to sustainability, an important facet of which is a reduction in water footprint. They turned to Veolia Water Technologies for a solution to reduce water waste.

Our Solution

Veolia designed a water recovery system, which piped the pressurised concentrate streams from the three treatment plants to a central recovery tank. From here the mixed wastewaters are fed to two SirionTM Maxi recovery reverse
osmosis units, specially designed to handle the concentrated wastewater. The system recovers about 50% of the wastewater that is returned to the raw water tank for re-processing. The resulting reduction of 35,000m3 of raw water which would otherwise be purchased from the municipal water supply, together with a similar reduction in sewer discharge gives an annual cost saving of approximately £50,000 and a return on investment of less than two years.

The Result

  • Annual cost saving of £50k
  • Reduced mains water consumption
  • Reduced wastewater discharge to sewer
  • Sustainable solution