Chorus Improves Coating System

Chorus Improves Coating System

Client's Needs

The Norville Group is a spectacle lens manufacturer in Gloucester with over 50 years' experience of using traditional surfacing techniques and introducing modern inner surface manufacturing designs. Norville's customers are opticians and laboratories in the UK and across Europe. As well as working with leading conventional lens brands, Norville supplies specialist lens products, from Vista Mesh lenses for night driving and to people who suffer with migraine to ReadEZ tinted lenses for Meares Irlen Syndrome and E-Scoop spectacle loupe lenses aimed at AMD sufferers.

Norville provides a comprehensive high-tech coating service, specialising in multi anti-reflection thin coats, as well as hydrophobic (anti-fog) and mirror coating, using the very latest equipment available. The conditions under which these microscopically thin multilayer coatings are applied must be carefully controlled to ensure consistent optical properties.

Our Solution

To meet Norville’s needs, Veolia Water Technologies provided a PURELAB Chorus 3 water purification system together with a 30 litre treated water reservoir. The PURELAB Chorus 3 is a compact water purification unit producing 10 litres per hour of Type III water. Although this is a standard arrangement for the Chorus, in this application, some additional engineering was required because the 30 litre reservoir is installed at mezzanine level so that purified water can be supplied to the equipment under gravity head. This required a booster pump to provide the additional pressure needed together with controls to ensure that the reservoir would remain full.

The Result

  • 50 l/day Type III water
  • Improved process performance
  • Cost savings of £10,000 pa