Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Installation of an Osiris packaged RO system provides high quality water for endoscopy facility

The Client’s Needs

The RapidAER units, like most of the endoscopy washerdisinfectors on the market today, do not incorporate an RO unit. Consequently, there was a need to install a separate RO system, which had to be compatible with the existing triplex water softener. After in-depth discussions between Veolia and all the other parties involved, it was felt impractical to house the RO unit in the existing plant room, and a purpose-built facility was commissioned within the Endoscopy Unit’s decontamination area.
Critically, the old washer-disinfectors had to remain in operation at all times until the new systems were commissioned, making phased installation essential.

Following the construction of the new plant room and installation of the ring main, Veolia coordinated the delivery, installation and commissioning of an OSIRIS packaged RO system, enabling the final phase of the project – staged replacement of the existing washerdisinfectors – to take place.

The Solution

Veolia installed an OSIRIS 1200/800DX-E-CH-VDX150 packaged RO system, with an 800 litre bespoke permeate tank and duplex duty/standby and assist technology. This skid-mounted, cold running system uses the latest reverse osmosis technology to produce high quality purified water with a conductivity of <30 μS/cm, endotoxins levels of <0.25 EU/ml and bacteria <100 CFU/100ml, to ensure optimum cleanliness of surgical instruments. It features fully automated heat disinfection and is capable of running at a rate of 1,200 l/hour in standard operation, and up to 2,400 l/hour at peak periods.

The OSIRIS system is fitted with technology, which enables remote monitoring of the RO system via a private, secure web platform, from anywhere at any time, to ensure optimal system performance and productivity. Managed 24/7 by Veolia as part of the service contract, the remote monitoring system includes full alarm management, pre-emptive maintenance and emergency support.


OSIRIS is Aintree Endoscopy Unit’s first RO system. Following the successful installation and commissioning process, it is now providing high quality water to the new RapidAER washer-disinfectors. By maintaining a continual supply of high quality water, Veolia has succeeded in helping Aintree to implement a co-ordinated approach to the safe decontamination of endoscopes, in line with the current Department of Health requirements for infection prevention and control. Keith Rimmer, decontamination lead for the trust, said: “The collaboration between Veolia and the other parties involved went well, and the new system is running very efficiently. Not only does it provide the high quality water we need for our current washer-disinfectors, it also has the capacity to supply additional units as demand for endoscopy services grows.”