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From recovering reverse osmosis (RO) wastewater to reducing boiler blowdown to improve efficiency, we offer a rapid return on your investment.

From recovering reverse osmosis (RO) wastewater to reducing boiler blowdown to improve efficiency, we offer a rapid return on your investment.

We are dedicated to delivering new sustainable solutions focused on saving water and energy, and reducing waste, a vision that is at the heart of our strategy. We will further develop our products and services, enabling us to fully support your business to be more environmentally friendly, economically and socially efficient, now and into the future.


Reco Solutions

About our online Tools

Use our online tools to understand how you can optimise capacity and water recovery while reducing usage and energy wastage for greater efficiency. Reco Solutions is a customised water and energy saving solution for industrial reverse osmosis systems and boilers. Reco Solutions tools will help to improve the efficiency of older reverse osmosis systems and boiler feeds systems and will support you by:

  • Significantly reducing your running costs
  • Meeting your environmental targets
  • Demonstrating a rapid return on investment

These online calculators can be used to provide an approximate and immediate indication of cost savings. Simply enter basic operational running data for an instant calculation. All calculations are estimates - for an accurate audit of your water consumption please contact us.

Reverse Osmosis Water Saving Calculator


RO concentrate (wastewater, effluent or reject stream) is a valuable resource, and yet it is often sent to drain, incurring discharge costs. RecoBLUE allows users to recover up to 50% of the concentrate, for reuse to replace mains water or for other applications such as boiler feed or Cleaning in Place (CIP). We can help you achieve your sustainability targets.

Boiler Feed System Efficiency Calculator


Boiler blowdown consists of water, conditioning chemicals and heat energy, all of which you have paid for. But by improving the feedwater quality through softening, dealkalisation, reverse osmosis or deionisation you can reduce blowdown, improve boiler efficiency and save money.  We can help you achieve efficiency and optimise performance.

Next Steps

Our experts will work with you using the new Reco Solutions Calculator to identify exact cost savings. This in-depth assessment takes into consideration running costs, capital expenditure, lifecycle analysis and the return on investment of installing a Reco Solution. The assessment is free and you will receive a personalised report to help support your decision making.

Whether you complete the full assessment or use the online calculator, the information is yours. There is no obligation to implement any of the options recommended. However, if you do decide to take this next step, we are on hand to manage the project to ensure a smooth transition for your business, so you can benefit from the savings as soon as possible.

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