Why our engineers make us the best of the UK's water treatment companies

We pride ourselves on getting our engineer on site - at the right time and with the right parts, to deliver the right solution. This is just one reason we are the most reliable of all the UK's water treatment companies.

Veolia - The UK's leading water treatment company

Our engineers are knowledgeable and trained on a wide range of water treatment systems - they work with you to support your business by anticipating and planning responses to your evolving requirements.

They use AQUAconnect, the latest technology that enhances the level of service we provide, which gives our engineers instant, on-site access to your site-specific information, so you benefit from:

  • Fast electronic reporting and document delivery
  • Enhanced data trending
  • Improved system performance
  • Reduced plant downtime

We call this "connected intelligence".

Customer Services & Logistics

Our team of service schedulers take care to ensure that our service visits are on time and when a rapid response is called for, we're ready to react 24/7.

If for any reason you need additional support, our customer services team will make sure you get a solution that meets your needs.

Having the right parts and consumables available is vital. Our logistics team is focused on ensuring that consumables and parts are delivered promptly to your site.

Sustainable solutions

All our products and services are developed specifically to help our clients meet their sustainable requirements. From production to operation - our solutions can help you lower manufacturing costs, reduce water and carbon footprints and meet environmental regulations.

We also supply and fit manufacturers recommended spares to maximise water quality and capacity.

Safety comes first

Health & Safety is our number one priority. All of our engineers complete the CCNSG

Safety Passport Programme, which ensures they are trained in all aspects of health & safety to effectively fulfil their role on-site. We take a proactive approach in ensuring that the works are executed in a safe and controlled manner.

Don't settle for second class water treatment companies

When it comes to managing and controlling the water for your product or business, choosing the best can make all the difference. Veolia is one of the UK's most experienced water treatment companies, having worked with large and small companies all over the country.

For more information on why were one of the UK's leading water treatment companies please get in touch.