Water Treatment Equipment: Total Systems For Waste Water

One of the most effective ways to treat wastewater is with an integrated approach ideal for industrial clients looking to process large volumes of water, fully integrated water treatment equipment has the best life cycle cost whilst achieving superlative water quality

Why Is Centralised Water Treatment Equipment A Better Option?

A total water solution includes integrated water treatment equipment instead of a set of uncoordinated components and systems. This centralised approach ensures that individual facility needs are met using proven equipment and materials.

By evaluating the options available it is possible to achieve commercial or industrial goals. After this, a detailed plan can be designed, ensuring the water treatment equipment has the facility to cope with expected water volumes. We select equipment with durability and optimisation in mind, to ensure that the wastewater system we install is focused on consistent performance and reliability.

The components included will vary depending on the application and business requirements. We offer a wide range of water treatment equipment including devices for:

  • Ultra filtration
  • Softening
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Ultra Violet water treatment (UV)
  • Deionisation
  • Pure water treatment
  • Waste water treatment and reuse

The technologies we supply are varied and so an appropriate combination of pre-treatment, treatment and polishing equipment will be chosen to ensure water demands are consistently met.

How To Ensure Your TSA Works For You?

After the efficient installation and start-up of a water solution, we can provide training to make sure that your water treatment equipment is working effectively for you. Having worked with clients in nearly every industry sector, we offer a wide range of process water treatment systems to meet exacting specifications. Whether it is a bench top solution or centralised water treatment system, we are confident we have the water treatment equipment to meet your needs.

With over 75 years of experience in water treatment technologies, we offer equipment to deliver, reuse, recycle and treat water for a variety of different purposes. To enquire about our water treatment equipment please contact us.