Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) will supply and commission three containerised SIRIONTM Mega Reverse Osmosis (RO) units to the world’s leading producer of titanium dioxide and inorganic chemicals, Tronox. Scheduled for completion in June 2020, the project will see VWT UK provide a solution that will ultimately reduce operating costs, whilst future proofing and reducing risks to production. 

Due to Tronox’s ambitious growth plan, it was identified that the current water treatment equipment would not be suitable because of its age and state of repair. It was decided to upgrade this water treatment system for the process water, which is required for part of the production of titanium dioxide - where it is used as a cooling ingredient - and for feed water to a polishing plant, which supplies water for the power station on site. 

As part of the competitive bid process, the team at VWT UK engaged with key stakeholders to understand their specific needs, such as a requirement for water quality of less than 20uS/cm and a maximum flow rate of 150m3 /hour per system.  From this, VWT UK recommended three SIRIONTM Mega RO units.

Each SIRIONTM Mega RO system achieves flow rates of 75m3/hour and for this project two of the three units will be running in parallel, with one on standby. Every 24 hours, the units will rotate and in peak demand all three units will be running at once, providing an overall flow rate of 225m3/hour.

SIRIONTM Mega RO units remove 98% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids and particles. Fitted with a frequency controlled variable speed pump, the system offers savings of up to 50 per cent on electrical power compared to conventional units, in addition to an overall reduction in water consumption. The new plant can be installed in parallel with the existing, which removes the requirement for expensive mobile support for the project as the existing plant can still operate.

As a reputable UK supplier, VWT UK also demonstrated its expert knowledge in containerised water treatment systems and highlighted the potential health and safety issues that could incur. This was of vital significance, as the plant is a top tier Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) site. The existing plant room was over 60 years old and the integrity of its structure was unknown and seen as a risk. In addition, asbestos was present in the plant room which added further complication and cost to the project. The new plant can be commissioned, tested and proved before switching off the existing plant.

To further reduce risk, VWT UK recommended a containerised water system as it would significantly decrease the amount of time on site and the number of contractors required during the installation phase of the project. This ensures that the plant is fabricated and tested off site prior to delivery. In addition, the containers are mobile, which means they can be moved to a new location in the future, if required. 

Speaking on the project, Ben Moore Business Development Manager at Veolia Water Technologies said: “We are very proud to be partnering with one of the largest titanium dioxide plants in Europe. We worked very closely with the Tronox team to understand all their varying requirements and provide the best technical and commercial solution that was best suited to their needs. 

“We also suggested the idea of containers because it removed the significant complications and costs of site specifications. These would have had to be applied if the kit was installed in the existing plant room. Finally, the existing room was a very tight space and so by having the ability to house the containers outside, it solved another issue.”

A representative at Tronox commented: “We mine titanium-bearing mineral sands and operate upgrading facilities that produce high-grade titanium feedstock materials, so it is essential for us to have systems to provide process water to the Stallingborough plant. VWT UK provided the best technical and commercial solution to the business.” 

Work is now underway and the project is scheduled for completion in June 2020.

For more information about Veolia Water Technologies UK, please visit: www.veoliawatertechnologies.co.uk

For more information about how Tronox products add brightness and durability to paints, plastics, paper and other everyday products, visit: Tronox.com.


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Tronox Holdings plc is one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality titanium products, including titanium dioxide pigment, specialty-grade titanium dioxide products and high-purity titanium chemicals; and zircon. Tronox’s mine titanium-bearing mineral sands and operate upgrading facilities that produce high-grade titanium feedstock materials, pig iron and other minerals. With nearly 7,000 employees across six continents, the company’s rich diversity, unmatched vertical integration model, and unparalleled operational and technical expertise across the value chain, position Tronox as the preeminent titanium dioxide producer in the world.