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There are already more than seven billion people on the planet. In the near future, there will be nine billion. The world is growing; it needs new resources. This means we need to be more inventive, more responsible and more efficient. Today, we recover water, waste and energy. What is discarded by some becomes a resource for others.

Being attentive and more respectful of our planet and its people is how Veolia views business, footprint and contribution. Veolia are contributing to a world movement and people's lives by creating new businesses, and a new economic and social dynamic. We develop access to resources, preserve resources, and replenish resources: resourcing the world is our goal.

Give Water Several Lives

Reintroducing wastewater into agricultural and industrial production cycles, and even domestic consumption, is one solution for overcoming water shortages and the growing cost of the water treatment process. Worldwide, Veolia provides tailored solutions for each need and each resource typology. In Qatar and Canada, we have installed closed loops for oil group Shell enabling almost 100% of the wastewater produced to be reused.

Generate Awareness Of Scarcity

Water is a precious commodity. Saving it, conserving it, multiplying its uses and methods for sharing it better are becoming crucial. However, no sustainable and rational action is possible without solid knowledge of the state of the resource. For this reason, Veolia has developed three tools to help states, cities and industry measure resources and help with their decision making: Growing Blue Tool, Water Impact and True Cost of Water are designed to improve the assessment of footprints and help take more appropriate action with your water treatment process.

Multiple Uses For Wastewater Sludge

For Veolia, wastewater sludge is no longer a waste product; it can be used in a real circular economy. In Denmark, the wastewater treatment plant of the future, the Billund BioRefinary, their water treatment process will convert wastewater sludge and organic waste into biogas for local consumption, organic soil improvers for agriculture and bio-plastics.

Seawater Desalination

Seawater desalination provides a precious alternative resource. As world leader for desalination, we have extensive expertise in the very latest filtration technology and are working actively on limiting its ecological footprint, in particular through the use of renewable energy. In Jubail, Saudi Arabia, we have built and managed the country's largest ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis desalination plant that supplies the Sadara petrochemicals complex.

Wide Load, No Problem

The major process equipment for K+S Potash Canada's Legacy Project has been delivered to the job site located in the province of Sakatchewan. This process equipment, HPD Crystallization Technology from Veolia will purify and produce up to 2 million tonnes of high quality potassium chloride annually from solution-mined potash at the Legacy facility when completed in 2017. Overall, the Legacy mine will produce 2.86 million tonnes per year.

The individual vessels that make up the crystallization system range in size up to 30 metres in length, a diameter of nearly 10 metres, and weigh up to 180 metric tons. Mainly fabricated and assembled in the United States and Canada over a period of more than a year, these vessels were shipped 200 kilometres to the Legacy job site for installation from the Saskatoon area.

Shipment of the vessels required detailed planning, an approved route plan, and real-time communication with the cooperation of municipalities and utilities potentially impacted by these activities. As part of a project specific plan, the safety of motorists and residents along the trek to the job site was ensured.

These vessels are among the largest shipments ever made in the Province of Saskatchewan. Veolia has a history of successful execution of complex, large-scale projects in Canada for the pulp & paper, chemical processing, and oil & gas industries for more than fifty years.