Webinar: Evaporating costs by reducing wastewater volume

Discover our Evaled technologies, which are ideal for use in industrial waste and process water treatment and can accelerate the natural evaporation process - helping to reduce costs and aid your sustainability targets. Also, learn about the importance of choosing the right technology for your plant.

Watch webinar that can potentially lead to substantial cost savings.

Presenter: Michael Costley, Industrial Product Specialist

Topics discussed:

  • Insights into the technologies available for reducing wastewater volume
  • Substantial cost saving opportunities
  • How Evaled can help you become more 'Green' 
  • Advantages of Evaled including: low energy consumption, 24/7 operation, small carbon footprint and high level of automation

Why watch

  • Boost your knowledge on the latest technologies available to cut your costs
  • Discover the different options available to meet your requirements
  • Q&A session with our expert

Distilling experience to save water

As cost of sewer discharge and landfill continue to rise, evaporation technology starts to look more and more attractive by making substantial cost savings for organisations.

Could you benefit from our EVALED evaporators?

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