Veolia Water Technologies - Case Studies - Mobile Solutions ensure the Sunday papers were delivered, UK

Mobile Solutions ensure the Sunday papers were delivered

Client Needs

Steam and power for the Aylesford mill is supplied by an on-site combined heat and power plant. The boiler is supplied with 120m3/h of water which is taken from the site borehole and purified using an ion exchange deionisation plant.

Our Solution

Veolia Water Technologies quickly responded and was on site at Aylesford with the AQUAMOVE™ mobile plant fleet. AQUAMOVE™ MORO mobile reverse osmosis units and MODI ion exchange system are installed in standard containers which are insulated and supplied with heating, lighting and all necessary safety equipment.

The Result

The fast response of the AQUAMOVE™ team meant that the mill kept going and London’s Sunday papers were on the news-stands as usual. The mobile solutions stayed on site until the issues had been resolved.