Opportunities to work abroad (PANGEO)




Are you an engineer with a passion for the environmental sector and would like to start your career gaining experience abroad? If so, the PANGEO programme is perfect for you. As a group we employ around 60 PANGEO graduates every year, 76% of which speak at least three languages. At the end of the programme we go on to employ around 70% of those who have been on PANGEO assignments. 670 employees have participated in the PANGEO program since 2004.

We are recruiting water, waste treatment and energy engineers and specialists (including design and process, mechanical or civil engineering) for design and process studies, construction projects, operation and sales assignments, and to participate in our development.  We are also looking for candidates with a financial, legal or purchasing background for assignments in support functions within our local entities all over the world. Our programme is open to all Masters and PhD graduates.

We are also looking for candidates with a financial, legal or purchasing background for assignments in support functions within our local entities all over the world. Our programme is open to all Masters and PhD graduates.


In order to join the PANGEO programme there are a number of criteria you must meet – as well as being a Masters / PhD graduate:

  • You must have a clean criminal record
  • A medical examination is required before you leave on assignment
  • You must be aged between 18 and 28


Your salary which is also called an "allowance" is based on a fixed scale but also depends on the country you will be working in. It will range from €1,400 to €2,900 net per month. All PANGEOs posted to the same country will receive the same net indemnity. This allowance is not taxable.

Transportation and accommodation costs may be partially or fully paid for by the company in certain countries of employment.

You will benefit from a range of tailored benefits applicable in your home country and abroad including a leave system.

Follow up

The International Talent Coordination Team will contact you every four or five months to ensure you have successfully integrated within the entity and your host country and to assess your personal development. If your assignment is successful and you are interested in a career with us, we will actively help you find positions that are in line with your ambitions in an international environment and a very promising sector.

What people say about PANGEO

Take a look at just a few of the testimonials we have received from those who have taken part in PANGEO:
“After having spent eight months in Sweden as an Erasmus student during my Master studies, I was looking for my first work experience abroad. The PANGEO programme seemed to be the best opportunity (professional and personal) to discover new places, a new environment and to start my career. From this experience, I have learned confidence, flexibility, adaptability which are necessary for working in a multicultural environment, as well as the capability of being able to manage yourself out of your comfort zone! What I have enjoyed the most is that I have been given responsibilities from day one and I have always felt the support from colleagues and my managers.”

“I applied to the PANGEO programme to have a first job experience in a foreign country and join an international company. My main assignment was, as a member of the Engineering Department, to be responsible for the design of a drinking water and wastewater treatment plant. Working in the Middle East and especially Saudi Arabia was a great overall experience. Now, my current position is giving me more responsibility but it is still a continuation of my previous job as PANGEO.”

How to apply

Follow these six steps to begin your PANGEO journey:

1.  Consult our job offers to find those which correspond to your profile
2.  Send in your application through our website and remember to: Send your CV in English, provide the job's reference and title, and specify how you heard about the PANGEO programme
3.    If your CV is selected, you will be invited to a series of interviews with the International Talent Coordination Team and Operational Managers
4.    If your application is successful, we will offer you a PANGEO assignment
5.    At the end of your assignment, this unique experience will be an invaluable additional asset on your CV
6.    Veolia will carefully consider offering you future career opportunities within the company by giving you access to all of our internal opportunities