Treasure among the treacle


The first priority of any whisky distillery is to produce a high quality product which meets the exacting demands of whisky drinkers worldwide. However, there are other valuable products which are produced by the distillation process. One of these is Pot Ale.

Pot Ale is a by-product from the distillation of malt whisky. Concentration of Pot Ale by evaporation yields a brown, viscous syrup that is rich in yeast, carbohydrates and protein, which can be sold to farmers as a high energy additive to livestock feed – particularly for cattle.

Generating Pot Ale Syrup from your Pot Ale is a straightforward process, thanks to our Veolia EVALED® range  of evaporators. One of our recent projects involved a distillery based in Scotland. The Pot Ale from the distillery was being spread to land by local farmers, but the potential to use the Pot Ale for cattle feed was recognised. We were therefore asked to provide a suitable evaporation system for this purpose. Our client’s Pot Ale typically had a total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration of between 2 and 3 %, which needed to be increased to between 40 and 45 % - the typical solids percentage for Pot Ale Syrup. We provided a two stage evaporation system, using an RV F 15 mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) evaporator to first concentrate the pot ale up to 25 % TDS. The second stage used a PC R 2 heat pump evaporator, which is ideal for treating the pre-concentrated pot ale, producing a high quality distillate that only requires minimal treatment before discharge.

Our vacuum evaporators are designed to be very energy efficient. In the example above, the Veolia EVALED systems required less than half the energy of all the other evaporation systems considered by our customer. In addition, the system is designed to minimise fouling and scaling, resulting in a more efficient operation and making clean-in-place easier. Previous generations of evaporation technology are, by comparison, less energy efficient and their efficiency often tails off with age due to fouling and scaling.

Our Veolia EVALED evaporators provide an energy efficient and reliable way of turning your waste Pot Ale to a valuable co-product (Pot Ale Syrup).

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