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Oil & Gas

Creating water solutions for the oil & gas industry

Challenges facing the Oil & Gas Industry

Veolia Water Technologies provides solutions which meet the specific requirements of the petroleum and gas industries.

The Group has provided thousands of water treatment systems which are used in production sites all around the world.

  • Injection water production, including sulphate reduction systems.
  • Treatment of produced water which must be filtered and clarified before being released back into the environment or recycled.

Veolia's Solutions

Veolia is developing specific and sophisticated systems to treat water in order to meet new production techniques for petroleum and natural gas and to comply with ever stricter environmental regulations.

Dedicated teams

Veolia's teams specialise in the petroleum and gas industries, and for decades have been developing equipment and packages for offshore and onshore production.

In addition, the Group's international presence and network of specialists enable it to provide high level assistance aimed at optimizing the efficiency and profitability of these crucial facilities.