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Industrial Solutions

Effective water and wastewater treatment is essential to all industrial clients. Water supply and effluent treatment have a substantial impact on the performance and cost of operations. We draw upon an unsurpassed knowledge of traditional and innovative solutions to meet the operational and environmental challenges of our industrial clients and also tackle sewer discharge costs.

Delivering cost-effective solutions to meet environmental challenges

Proven water and wastewater treatment solutions to ensure sustainable legislative compliance and provide attractive returns on investment while also reducing or eliminating sewer discharge costs.

Water recycling and reuse solutions minimising water footprint and capable of attracting financial incentives such as Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs).

Renewable energy from co-products solutions minimising carbon footprint and capable of attracting financial incentives such as Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

Zero Liquid Discharge and water recycling solutions.

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Bio-Energy Solutions

Veolia is an expert in the design and build of full turnkey Bio-energy solutions using a combination of technologies from the group's extensive portfolio.

The Bio-energy solutions developed by Veolia provide the following benefits:

  • A source of renewable energy from the production of biogas
  • An improved return on investment for systems that qualify for Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).
  • A significant reduction on disposal costs
  • Corporate "Green" credentials
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Customer Service and Support

Our experienced engineers and project managers are on hand to provide support from the initial stages of the design process through to project completion and our dedicated after sales service team provides the necessary support to ensure the technology is operating to optimum performance.

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Design & Build

Providing a bridge between traditional expertise and innovative new technology, Veolia Water Technologies provides a wealth of water treatment solutions and technologies. We are able to tailor our offering, depending on the project, from the installation of individual engineered solutions or packaged plants to complex design and build projects utilising Veolia proprietary technologies.