United Kingdom
Head Office

Aqua House, 2620 Kings Court
Birmingham Business Park
B37 7YE

Tel: 0203 567 7400
Email: sales.watertech@veolia.com

About us

Veolia Water Technologies provides the complete range of services required to design, build, upgrade and manage water and wastewater treatment facilities and systems.

Cutting-edge technologies

cutting edge technologies for wastewater treatment solutions

Cutting edge technology

We apply our unique portfolio of 350 proprietary technologies to deliver:

  • patented processes
  • standardised products
  • packaged systems
  • engineered solutions

Most technologies are developed in-house.
A small selection come from highly specialised partners. All are manufactured to strict quality standards, using the best materials.

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Project management experts

Delivering reliable project management expertise

Project Management Experts

For the most complex and demanding design & build projects, our specialist teams define client requirements and engineer turn-key water treatment solutions covering:

  • project design
  • technologies and process selection
  • construction and contract management
  • plant commissioning
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Associated services

We ensure the technical efficiency and durability of installed equipment. We respond to the needs and protect the investments of clients with:

  • our Aquamove™ mobile and modular water treatment services to meet urgent requirements
  • our Hydrex™ line of water treatment chemicals and additives
  • post-sales service, maintenance, upgrades, refurbishment, spare parts
  • on-site and laboratory pilot testing
  • operator training
  • our Veolink software services to help municipal clients improve management of information, equipment and stakeholder dialogue.
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Our treatment capability

Potable water treatment

Offering reliable high quality drinking water solutions on the optimum whole life cost solutions, including lamella clarification, high-rate ballasted clarification, DAF plants, membranes and rapid gravity filtration. More

Wastewater treatment

Effluent treatment technology includes activated sludge processes, trickling filters, aerobic biological treatment, SAF plants, Biostyr™ - compact up flow BAFF, Drumfilter/Discfilter, UV disinfection systems, Actiflo® - high-rate ballasted clarification, membrane bioreactor, AnoxKaldnes HYBAS™ and MBBR™ - biofilm and activated sludge, anaerobic aqueous treatment and more.

Sludge and Biosolids treatment

We can achieve optimum sludge volume reduction and maximise the potential energy recovery using the Eolia software. Technology includes gravity belt thickeners, belt press, thermal hydrolysis, incineration, wet oxidation, liquid sludge chemical stabilisation and pasteurisation. More

Odour control and treatment

We offer highly efficient air treatment methods to treat odour and minimise environmental impacts. OdoWatch™ - odour measurement and modelling; Alizair® - biological deodorisation; Aquilair® - chemical deodorisation. More

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