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Water purification for every dental practice

We have a range of dental water solutions to help your dental practice meet dental decontamination requirements. Compliant and flexible solutions for washer disinfector or steriliser installations, manual rinsing, ultrasonic baths, dental unit water lines and self contained chair bottle systems.



RO Water for dental decontamination compliance

Incorporates the latest RO, UV, deionisation and recirculation technology to ensure the highest purity of water and guaranteed compliance.

Supplies HTM 01-05 and BS EN 13060 compliant RO water to a wide range of application washer disinfectors, sterilisers and ultra sonic baths.


Micra - Reverse Osmosis Systems for Dental Practices

Reverse Osmosis systems for dental practices

Micra is the new reverse osmosis water system for dental practices. Designed to supply sterilisers and other decontamination equipment, Micra is an efficient alternative to bottled or distilled water.

Micra reduces energy consumption and essential maintenance associated with distillation while providing a consistent and reliable source of purified water.

Vision 250


Ideal for supplying sterilisers

Stand alone compact deioniser provides instant high purity water for dental practices.

Meets BS EN 13060 water quality requirements for sterilisers.
Extendable dispense gun for added flexibility.



Ideal for reducing scale build up on dental instruments

Compact space saving softeners that will help protect your instruments from scaling.

Meets HTM01-05 water hardness requirements.

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