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A water treatment system design for your laboratory

Our experienced design team understand lab workflows and focus on your laboratory's requirements. From concepts to build and installation, we makes sure the system meets your specifications and deliver the quality you need.

What type of pure water does your laboratory need?

Purified water is critical for your laboratory. You may require different grades of water for different procedures or appliances. Therefore, when designing your water system, you need to firstly establish what water grade is required.

  • Type I, ultrapure water - Smaller volumes for critical applications e.g. ICP-MS, HPLC, ion chromatography and DNA sequencing.
  • Type II, pure water - Moderate volumes for making up reagents, buffers and media, and analytical techniques.
  • Type III, or primary grade - Large volumes for washing glassware, steam generators, autoclaves and purified water systems.

3 typical designs to consider for your lab water treatment system

Option 1: A pre-purified central supply within the building, with polishing at the point of use

Option 2: Mains water is purified at the point of use

Option 3: Mains water supplied to a local pre-purified loop and then polished at the point of use

4 areas where we can help designing your lab system

  • Bench Space -  Our space-saving options include vertical design (small footprint) and wall mounted purifiers. The hand-held dispenser frees spaces for the lab equipment which can be positioned out of the way.
  • Contaminant Control- The installation of vent filter can effectively reduce contamination by atmospheric micro-organisms, organic vapours and carbon dioxide. 
  • Carbon Footprint - We can provide details of your total carbon cost analysis from R&D, manufacturing and distribution, and for consumable replacement, service, and disposal at end of life. Our carbon calculator tool enables our customers to see at a glance the carbon value of any Veolia Water Technologies products. Clients can then enter variables such as location and how often the product will be serviced to gain an accurate picture of the impact of the installation.
  • Water reuse/recycle - By reusing or recycling waste water, we can help you reduce the amount of mains water required to feed the lab purification equipments as much as 25%

Quality Assured

Our commitment to stringent quality control processes guarantees reliability and compliance with both international, environmental and user organisation standards.

  • Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO14001 
  • Tested to comply with CE, EMC, EN 61010 (UL CSA), PIRA, WEEE directive

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