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Why Should You Invest In Pure Water Systems?

To establish whether a pure water systems is required, it is first important to identify its role within your organisation or business. At Veolia Water Technologies we understand how important it is for a number of industry sectors to have access to a choice of water qualities from Primary Grade to Ultrapure. At Veolia Water Technologies we offer a wide range of water purification systems suitable for obtaining accurate results for research and testing.

Why Should You Invest In Pure Water Systems?

Pure Water Systems From The Water Specialists

Water is one of the most commonly used components in many different industries, and is used for a number of different applications. Whether it is for research and testing at a laboratory or an ingredient for cosmetic formulations, pure water is a major requirement for organisations in the following markets:

  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Scientific
  • Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

The Benefits of Veolia Water Technologies' Pure Water Systems

There are a number of benefits to investing in a pure water system for your organisation. Improving efficiency and reducing costs, Veolia Water Technologies' water purification systems have been developed to meet the needs of everything from renal dialysis to power stations.

  • Industrial Water Systems - From raw water treatment and rinsing, to boiler feed and water recovery, Veolia Water Technologies' pure water systems can support your complete water cycle.
  • Pure Water for Healthcare -Leader's in pure water solutions for service critical healthcare applications, our services range from consultancy, plant design, installation, validation testing and maintenance.
  • Scientific Water Solutions ­- Our scientific solutions team specialise in delivery systems for research, science and clinical environments. From standalone solutions to complex central pure water systems, we can meet your lab water quality requirements.
  • Pharmaceutical Pure Water - Our production of purified water, highly purified water, Pyrogen free water and WFI (water for injection) meets international standards.

Water purification is a complex process which incorporates multiple technologies into a single pure water system. Mechanically filtered and processed, water purification removes contaminants to achieve specified water qualities. At Veolia Water Technologies we offer you the widest range of purifications systems for water qualities:

  • Type 1 - Ultra Pure
  • Type 2 - Pure
  • Type 3 - General
  • CLRW/CLSI - Clinical
  • Centralised Distribution
  • Sustainable Recycling

Why Choose Veolia Water Technologies?

At Veolia Water Technologies we are committed to ongoing research and development, keeping the Veolia Water Technologies pure water systems at the forefront of technological innovation. Having installed thousands of purification systems worldwide, we are committed to providing the highest quality control process to guarantee reliability and compliance.

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