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Why Use Water Treatment Products?

At Veolia Water Technologies, we offer a full range of laboratory water treatment products and purification equipment for a number of market sectors.

Laboratory Water Purification Equipment

At Veolia Water Technologies we offer a comprehensive range of water treatment products to the Industrial, Healthcare, Scientific and, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics sectors. Providing pure water solutions and water treatment chemicals, we offer water purification and sustainable water recovery to meet your water treatment requirements.

Our Water Treatment Products

From bench top water purifiers to laboratory pure water delivery systems, we offer a complete range of water treatment products for a variety of uses.

  • Water Softeners - Using a water softening solution removes hardness from water, which results from the presence of calcium and magnesium ions. Softeners can be used for a number of applications, from boiler feed, glass washing to general manufacturing.
  • Deionisers - Our deionisation equipment use a combination of cation and anion resins which effectively remove all the ions from a water supply to produce treated water.
  • Filters - Water which contains impurities can harm ion exchange resins or reverse osmosis membranes. Impurities could include iron, manganese, free chlorine, particulates and colloids - reducing these levels in feedwater can be very beneficial to process and equipment. Filtration using a bed of media such as fine sand, anthracite, activated carbon or manganese dioxide can achieve the desired results.
  • Reverse Osmosis - Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a broad process, but implies the removal a high proportion of most impurities. RO water systems usually benefit from a softened water feed which protects the membrane from the build up of hardness and to ensure optimum performance.
  • Continuous Deionisation - Continuous Deionisation (CEDI) is the use of a combination of ion exchange membranes and ion exchange resins, in conjunction with electrodes, to purify water. CEDI is used mostly as a polishing technique which further purifies permeate from a Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit.
  • Organic Scavengers - Organic scavengers are a pre-treatment unit designed to protect deioniser resins and Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes from organic or colloidal fouling.
  • Water Quality Meters - ATP bioscanners, bacteria test kits, conductivity meters and pH meters are all available to check the water quality and levels either within a laboratory or off site.
  • Water Test Kits - ELGA Process Water offer a wide range of test kits which help monitor changes in the chemistry of water. These kits include chlorine, hardness, pH and more.
  • Ultrafiltration - Ultrafiltration systems are compact solutions which remove suspended solids, most bacteria and log4 viruses. The systems are predominantly applied for industrial process water, borehole water as well as for recycling/reuse.

Why Veolia Water Technologies?

Veolia Water Technologies is a market leader in water treatment products, services and maintenance. Focused on sustainable water technologies, we are constantly driving to reduce global water wastage through innovative treatment solutions.

For our full range of water treatment products for industry, science and research, call today on 01628 89 72 60.

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