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Why Is Boiler Water Treatment Important?

Typically, industrial boilers heat water to generate steam or hot water - this can then be used for a wide range of purposes including manufacturing, chemical processing, power generation and heating. Due to the stresses that water in the pressure vessel is subjected to, it can behave in ways that can cause boiler damage. As such, boiler water treatment is essential if you want to maintain the health of your boiler.

How Can Boiler Water Treatment Help?

Boiler water treatment can simultaneously remove contaminants that cause boiler problems and add other components that will prevent problem occurring. For example, removal of dissolved solids in boiler feedwater can reduce the need for boiler blowdown by preventing a build-up of precipitate, and consequently prevent corrosion. At the same time, removal of dissolved solids and particles in boiler feedwater will also reduce the likelihood of priming.

Deaeration is another important component of boiler water treatment if you plan on reusing boiler condensate. As this is essentially distilled water but can contain dissolved gases, it can damage the pressure vessel of your boiler if it builds up. Deaeration removes harmful dissolved gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide to allow condensate to be used as feedwater.

Veolia Water Technologies Can Provide Boiler Water Treatment To Suit Your Needs

Veolia Water Technologies offers a range of solutions to reduce boiler water energy consumption and reduce boiler blowdown. Our boiler water treatment solutions improve the quality of your boiler feedwater and reduce the build up of scale in the pressure vessel, reducing corrosion and increasing efficiency. To find out if we can assist you in reducing your boiler running costs or your reliance on chemical boiler cleaning, fill out our online contact form.

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